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1307, 2018

Experiencing the Kawaii Monster Cafe!

Do you ever want to do something super #OnlyInJapan? Well, recently I thought I would go all out and experience the Kawaii Monster Cafe (カワイイ モンスター カフェ) in Harajuku. Kawaii, meaning cute in Japanese, it most certainly is! As soon as you enter, you'll be pretty stuck by how colorful everything is. The place was created by the fashion artist behind Japanese pop sensation Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and it most certainly shows. Just like the popstars image, everything from the waitresses uniforms to the washing basins is super kawaii! The meals reflect this too. The above is 'rainbow pasta', a [...]

2906, 2018

Experiencing downtown Hong Kong in Tokyo for free!

Looking for a gaming arcade with a twist? Kawasaki Warehouse is a fascinating complex, built to look like the famous Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong. It's also a great place to take some free pics or have a bit of fun. The several floors have everything from pool tables, to a net cafe, to a collection of classic gaming machines to try out. The entrance and complex design help to make the building stand out from the rest. Just head to the location on the map below and you should be fine! After proceeding though the slightly scary, massive [...]

1805, 2018

Super Cheap Japan book now in Tokyo’s biggest bookstore!

Many thanks to Kinokuniya for adding Super Cheap Japan to their bookshelves! It's the No.1 chain in Japan and also has stores across the world in countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, so it means a lot. Check out their USA store at Kinokuniya USA or get the book at http://www.supercheapjapan.com/book/    

204, 2018

Super Cheap Japan featured in an awesome new YouTube channel

Jon Bear is a great new video blogger, and a man already known for producing super professional videos about traveling in Japan. My first book, Super Cheap Japan, has been featured in his new video about how to survive in Japan on only 6000 yen a week! Also be sure to check out his channel here. If you would like to feature Super Cheap Japan on your video, blog or website, please get in touch!

1803, 2018

Best Cherry Blossom Spots in Osaka

In Osaka for the cherry blossom season this year? While Osaka may not have as many parks or shrines as Kyoto or Tokyo where you can enjoy the Sakura season, it still has plenty of spots. As with most Japanese cities, you will also be able to see random cherry blossom trees all across the city as you travel around. Here are some highlights to help you plan your travels (note all are FREE apart from entry to the castle): Osaka Castle This is the best time to visit the castle and its large garden, especially with you camera in [...]

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