Become a guest writer for Super Cheap Japan

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Super Cheap Japan is now accepting applications for guest writers to spread information about Japanese travel and culture.

About Super Cheap Japan

Super Cheap Japan is a site dedicated to traveling in Japan on a budget. So many people think Japan is super expensive, but we think it can be super cheap! We are looking for people who share the same passion.

uji1The role of a Super Cheap Japan guest writer

Want to tell our readers about cheap places in your areas? Or have a burning desire to show off your top budget travel tips? We are looking for people to write posts to spread the word about the Land of the Rising Sun.

Together we can make Japan more appealing and attractive for budget travellers.

Why become a Super Cheap Japan guest writer?

1) Your name and profile will be displayed on Super Cheap Japan

We will display your profile photo as well as name on the website, including on all your posts. It’s a great way to show off your own blog/website/portfolio if you have one as well.

2) Free trips

On occasion we get asked to visit a place as part of some collaboration or project. In these instances, ambassadors can get free access and sometimes transportation to this attraction or tourist spot.

3) Discounts and more

In the future we hope to offer discounts and coupons to ambassadors. Plus we will cover the entry and/or travel costs for some places needed for website posts.

Join us!

Do you want to tell the world about budget travel in Japan? Please send me an email: matt at