Short Term Stay Accommodation in Japan

Short Term Stay Accommodation in Japan2018-08-16T15:55:32+00:00

If you are planning to stay for 1 month to 11 months, there are some great guest houses and apartments available.  Prices are reasonable and their is lots of choice, from traditional tatami floors to modern shared houses.  Rent is usually paid on a monthly basis, but sometimes weekly is OK.

Prices range from 40000 yen for old, out of city guesthouses to 80000 yen for quite modern apartments in the center of Tokyo.  You really don’t need to pay much more than this, but check transportation costs as that extra 5000 for a closer apartment to work may not matter.

Most come with basic furnishings and kitchen equipment, so move-in costs are not a worry.  Our recommended sites also have a fixed deposit cost for all their places, and often return this when you move out.

Shared houses or guest houses offer a great way to meet new people.  Kitchens and showers are often shared, but are usually kept in a clean state.

Recommended Sites


Great prices and friendly service. TokyoStay has guesthouses all over the capital, in great locations.

Create Guest House

A well-known agency for monthly apartments and guesthouse rooms.  Often very modern for their prices and with great English and Korean support.

Sakura House

The biggest agency for monthly apartments, guesthouse and dormitory rooms in Tokyo. Deposit is always 30000 yen, and when you move out 15000 yen for apartments and 20000 yen for guesthouse rooms is returned.  Very reliable and easy, but their prices are a little higher than the rest.


A well known agency aimed at foreigners and travelers. Move-in procedures are simple and new there are many discounts available.


There’s a reason why Borderless’s rooms are often unavailable.  Prices are good and their is a real emphasis on meeting new people and get togethers.