Asakusa (あさくさ/浅草) is the main tourist zone in Tokyo.  While this may put some travelers off, it is still a must see for any visit to Japan.  Asakusa features Tokyo’s most famous temple, atmospheric old-fashioned streets and plenty of attractions for all types of travelers.  All are an easy walk from each other.

Budget travel tips

  • Asakusa is a nice city walk from Ueno, via Kappabashi.  We recommend starting with Ueno in the morning, then getting to Asakusa in the early evening/late afternoon.  Check the map below for the route.
  • As this is the main tourist destination in Tokyo, prices can be high around the main temple and nearby streets.  There are plenty of cheaper restaurants out of this main tourist zone.

Things to do

asakusa_templeSensō-ji Temple (FREE)

Tokyo’s most famous and popular temple.  Closes at 5pm, but walking around the temple complex in the evening is just as impressive.


asakusashopsShopping streets

Asakusa is full of interesting shops for a bit of window shopping and the occasional purchase!  Many of the streets look like Tokyo of the past.  Check out the map below for recommended streets to visit.

asakusa_barEvening bars

Asakusa features loads of incredibly atmospheric street bars for you to fill up on cheap beer.  Check the map below for the location, have a walk around and make a choice!

Sumida Park (FREE)

A quiet park along the river, which has some nice views of the city.  A must see during the cherry blossom season.


How to get there

From Shinjuku station, take the Chuo Line  (red JR line) to Kanda station, then take the Ginza Line (orange Metro line) to Asakusa station (26 mins, 320 yen).

From Tokyo station, take the Yamanote Line  (green JR line) to Kanda station, then take the Ginza Line (orange Metro line) to Asakusa station (16 mins, 290 yen).


Recommended Hostels and Cheap Hotels

Khaosan World Asakusa RYOKAN

Well-known guesthouse set in a traditional style, always popular with backpackers.  Check prices at HostelWorld.

Khaosan World Asakusa HOSTEL

This Khaosan hostel is a little cheaper than the ryokan, with a more modern setting.  Check prices at HostelWorld.

Quality Hostel K’s House Tokyo Oasis

Another guesthouse with a great reputation and reasonable prices.  Check prices at HostelWorld.

Juyoh Hotel

A little bit away from the action, but the prices are really cheap.  Check prices at HostelWorld.

Capsule Hotel Asakusa River Side

A very cheap capsule hotel with English support, right next to the station.  Check prices at HostelWorld.

More at HostelWorld, and Agoda.  

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