Kyoto City Center

Kyoto Railway Museum


Kyoto Railway Museum (京都鉄道博物館) is a brand new museum showing off all the latest train technology, as well as in-depth [...]

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Honganji Temples


The Honganji temples, consisting of Nishi Honganji (west temple) and Higashi Honganji (east temple), are large Buddist complexes walking distance from Kyoto [...]

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Kyoto Tower


Kyoto Tower is a rather dated building that provides a view of Kyoto and its surrounding mountains.  It's not going [...]

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Nishiki Market


An interesting downtown market near to Kyoto station.  Nishiki Market is known as a place to find Kyoto's most famous [...]

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Nijo Castle


Another UNESCO World Heritage site, Nijo castle is another must see in Kyoto.  The free Japanese garden is nice to [...]

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