Kyoto Shrines and Temples

Shimogamo Shrine


Shimogamo Shrine (下鴨神社), linked to the northern Kamimono Shrine, is part of the world heritage sites in Kyoto. It is [...]

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Kamigamo Shrine


Kamigamo Shrine (上賀茂神社), twinned with Shimogamo Shrine to the south, is an important Shinto shrine in northern Kyoto. Designated a [...]

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Daigoji Temple


Daigoji Temple (醍醐寺) is a picturesque Buddhist temple in south Kyoto. While a bit run down in places, the main [...]

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Ninna-ji Temple


Ninna-ji Temple (仁和寺) is yet another awesome World Heritage listed temple in Kyoto. The temple was founded in 888 by the reigning [...]

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Daikaku-ji Temple


Daikaku-ji (大覚寺) is a quiet temple in northern Kyoto. Not many people come here compared to others in Kyoto, and while it [...]

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Tenryuji Temple


Tenryuji Temple (天龍寺) is ranked as one of Kyoto's top temples and a World Heritage site. The large, but fun to navigate complex houses [...]

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Sanjusangendo Temple


Sanjusangendo Temple (三十三間堂) is a completely breathtaking temple containing one thousand life-size, golden Kannon statues. This place really has to [...]

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Toji Temple


Toji Temple (東寺) is one of the two 'guardian temples' that was built when Japan's capital was moved from Nara to Kyoto. Toji [...]

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Ryoanji Temple


Ryoanji Temple (龍安寺), meaning The Temple of the Dragon at Peace, is a World Heritage listed "dry landscape" garden and temple. It [...]

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Honganji Temples


The Honganji temples, consisting of Nishi Honganji (west temple) and Higashi Honganji (east temple), are large Buddist complexes walking distance from Kyoto [...]

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Kinkaku-ji Temple


Kinkaku-ji Temple, AKA Temple of the Golden Pavilion, is something you really have to see with your own eyes.  The beautiful [...]

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Ginkaku-ji Temple


Ginkaku-ji (Temple of Shining Mercy) is a stunning Zen Buddhist temple and a highlight of any trip to Kyoto. The traditional [...]

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Philosopher’s Walk


A famous and historic Kyoto walk, from Ginkaku-ji Temple to Nanzen-ji.  A number of other smaller but interesting shrines are dotted along [...]

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Nanzen-ji Temple


Designated a Monument of Japan, because of its beauty, Nanzen-ji Temple is a Buddhist temple complex at the start/end of the [...]

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Yasaka Shrine


A large complex of well maintained, stunning shrines, pagodas and other Shinto monuments and buildings. Occasional festivals and events occur [...]

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