East Tokyo

Exploring Yanaka


Yanaka is a peaceful neighborhood that is perfect for a morning stroll and that rewards exploration. A straightforward walk from [...]

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Sony Building


Want to try out the latest technology, from VR headsets to the latest games? The Sony Building in Ginza is [...]

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Arashio Stable


Watching sumo (相撲) is a special and deeply rewarding cultural experience. Many watch it in the big stadiums, but seeing [...]

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Tokyo Tower


Tokyo Tower (東京タワー) is an icon of Tokyo, helping to boost spirits and symbolising the renewal of the mega city [...]

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Advertising Museum Tokyo


The Advertising Museum Tokyo (広告とマーケティングの資料館「アド・ミュージアム東京」) is a surprisingly interesting (and free!) museum, showcasing Japanese advertising over the centuries. From Kimono [...]

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Former Yasuda Garden


The Former Yasuda Garden (旧安田庭園) is a medium sized traditional Japanese garden night next to the Edo-Tokyo Museum. While not the biggest, [...]

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Edo-Tokyo Museum


Edo-Tokyo Museum is a massive museum about the history of Tokyo.  Features replicas and originals from the Edo era (between 1603 [...]

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Kiyosumi Garden


Kiyosumi Garden is a compact but beautiful traditional Japanese garden, featuring a real Japanese tea house.  Well worth a visit [...]

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Fukagawa Edo Museum


Fukagawa Edo museum contains a recreated Edo town, looking just like Tokyo hundreds of years ago.  The buildings were built [...]

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Tokyo Skytree


The new Tokyo Skytree, at 634 metres tall, is the tallest building in Japan and the second tallest in the [...]

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