Autumn colors in Japan for budget travelers (Kouyou)

Autumn colors in Japan for budget travelers (Kouyou)2018-08-16T16:03:05+00:00

The Japanese Autumn colour season, known in Japanese as kouyou (紅葉/こうよう) a a great time to visit Japan. Many temples, streets and parks across the country are filled with stunning red and golden leafed trees. While it can be a little difficult with the cherry blossom season to get the timings right, the Autumn colours season is much longer, so you have a much better of seeing something.

A great thing for budget travelers is that most of the best spots for Autumn colours are free!

When to go

This year’s Autumn forecasts

Where to go

Top 10 in Japan
Kyoto and Kansai
Fukuoka and Kyushu
Gifu (Chubu)
Tohoku (north of Tokyo)

Autumn travel reports

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