Kintetsu Rail Pass


The Kintetsu Rail Pass is a great alternative to the Japan Rail Pass if you want to travel extensively around the Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Ise).  It offers unlimited use of Kintetsu trains (and buses depending on the pass type) for 5 days.

What does it cost?

Rail Pass Wide (with airport access and buses): 5700 yen

Rail Pass: Adults 3700 yen, Children 1850 yen

When can I use it?


Is it worth it?

Getting around Kansai on local trains can really take up your holiday time, so being able to use Limited Express trains is great.  Even without using these more expensive trains, you will probably start to save money if you visit 3 or more places withing the rail pass area.

What are the rules?

  • Only for people with tourist visas.
  • You need to reserve Limited Express tickets at the stations (free).

Where can I buy it?

You must purchase before coming to Japan.  See the official Kintetsu website for where to buy.

How do I use it?

Show the pass to station staff as you enter the ticket gates, or to the bus driver.