See the cherry blossoms before it’s too late! At Rikugien Garden

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Rikugien Garden is one of the main parks in Tokyo, and is therefore great for cherry blossoms (sakura).  We went there to take some pics, before enjoying the special sakura bath at the nearby Sakura Hot Spring. By that we mean pink silky water!


We followed the easy to use recommended course for cherry blossom trees, which started with the above.

Even during the height of the cherry blossom season, it wasn’t too busy.

The traditional tea house.  Reasonable prices and English support usually available.


As you walk around, there are lots of little streams and rock formations to enjoy.


It hasn’t got loads of cherry blossom trees like Showa Memorial Park, but this garden is so central it’s a must visit for an hour or so.


During the evening the park is open until 9 PM with a ‘lights up’ around the park.

Lovely, pretty trees, I am sure you will agree!

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