Shrines and temples for budget travellers in Japan

Shrines and temples for budget travellers in Japan2018-07-10T17:26:18+00:00

Who comes to Japan and doesn’t visit a few shrines and temples? Japan is full of them, and a random walk anywhere in a city will get you to one in a few minutes, but the best ones will really take your breath away. Shrines (Shinto) and temples (Buddhist) are suburb places to relax and feel the real Japan.

Best shrines and temples in Japan


Izumo Taisha (出雲大社) is a grand shrine, considered one of Japans top 3. Located in northern Chugoku, it is an [...]


One of Japan's many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Nikko is a great way to spend a few days away from [...]


Udo-jingu Shrine, Miyazaki Miyasaki (宮崎), located in south eastern Kyushu, is a prefecture well known across the country [...]


Uji (宇治) is a popular tourist spot known for it's many centuries old shrines and temples, 2 of which are [...]


Asakusa (あさくさ/浅草) is the main tourist zone in Tokyo.  While this may put some travelers off, it is still a [...]

Ise Shrines

The Ise shrines are often regarded to be in the top 3 shrine areas in Japan.  The simple, yet spectacular [...]


Koyasan will really take your breath away. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a town of Buddhist temples in the mountains south of [...]


While Japan's other World Heritage sites get more attention, Hiraizumi (平泉) is the one to see if you want to [...]


Yamadera (山寺), meaning Mountain Temple, is a small town well known for its beautiful, scenic Ryūshaku-ji (立石寺) temple. The town is [...]