Travel costs in Japan

Japan isn’t as expensive as people often say, but visitors should expect to pay a lot more than other Asian countries. What makes Japan so much better though is that because of all the great transportation, you can do much more in one day.

Daily Costs

Here are some rough numbers for budget travelers coming to Japan, including accommodation and transportation costs:

Single Traveler

6000-8000 yen

Two travelers

5000-6000 per person


4000-5000 yen per person


Dorm bed: 1500-2500 yen

Hostel room: 3000-4000 yen

Budget meal: 500 yen

Bento: 400-600 yen

All-you-can-eat meal: 800-1000 yen

Bus ticket: 200 yen

City train ticket: 180 yen


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