Tokyo Internet Cafe Accommodation

A great way to save money.  Starting from an unbelievable 750 yen, internet cafes are a great way to stay a night or two in a central area.  Probably much comfier than what you are used to back home, they are often the best way to stay the night downtown.  They are also great ifContinue reading “Tokyo Internet Cafe Accommodation”

Top Capsule Hotels In Tokyo

Want to try out a capsule hotel while on holiday in Japan? We have some great recommendations. Also, check out our capsule hotel first experience post. Most people don’t book a capsule, as there are usually many available.  But if you are worried, just go to the capsule hotels with an English booking system. Oriental PassageContinue reading “Top Capsule Hotels In Tokyo”

Capsule Hotel Experience

Capsule hotels are one the most interesting, if not strange, experiences you can have in Japan. Usually costing from 2000 to 3500 yen, depending on spa facilities and location, they offer a great way to stay the night in the city center. Most customers are usually business men who have missed their last train, soContinue reading “Capsule Hotel Experience”