Free Tour Guides in Kyoto

Kyoto is one of Japan’s best cities to visit, but with all the great shrines and temples it can be a bit confusing. Which ones are best? How do I find out about the histories and beliefs behind them? There are so many ways in which a volunteer travel guide can help. Sakura Volunteer GuideContinue reading “Free Tour Guides in Kyoto”

Top 5 Free Tour Guide Services in Japan

Just about to book that expensive tour guide to show you around Japan? No need! There are hundreds of FREE volunteer guides in Japan. Here are our top groups and organisations: Goodwill Guides The official, national organisation for free guides in Japan. The volunteers are Japanese people who want use their foreign language skills toContinue reading “Top 5 Free Tour Guide Services in Japan”

Save up to 100% on your JR pass? Cheapo tip for travel in Japan

Independent travellers all have their Japan Rail (JR) pass. You must buy it prior to your trip. Now imagine you can save up to 100% on that purchase! A JR pass is great, it is the single most mentioned must-buy for independent travellers in Japan. It will save your money on most rail trips, thatContinue reading “Save up to 100% on your JR pass? Cheapo tip for travel in Japan”

Top luggage tips for traveling in Japan

There are many ways to save on luggage costs, and some essential tips that should be followed to make sure you don’t spend too much money. Some travelers and backpackers come to Japan without knowing much at all about how different Japan can be, and therefore make a few silly mistakes! Here are our top tips:Continue reading “Top luggage tips for traveling in Japan”

Top 10 tips for budget travel in Japan

Out budget travel guide has some great tips for cheaply traveling to many places in Japan, but here are our top 10 tips for traveling on a budget in Japan: Shop in 100 yen shops They really are everywhere. From little sections at the back of drug stores to mega malls, all selling items forContinue reading “Top 10 tips for budget travel in Japan”

Best free apps for traveling in Japan

There are many great apps for traveling in Japan. Use the free wifi available at many locations and use these apps to make your holiday in a Japan even more awesome! NAVITIME for Japan Travel This is a great app that allows you to search for wifi hotspots, while offline. There are also train maps, tourist spotContinue reading “Best free apps for traveling in Japan”

Money in Japan

The official currency of Japan is the Yen (円). Money in Japan and the systems and culture around it are rather different to the west. Note that outside major airports, foreign currencies foreign currencies such as the US dollar are not accepted. Currency Converter Japanese Yen Exchange Rates Cashed based society While Japan may haveContinue reading “Money in Japan”

Top 5 Places for a Cheap Bento

A great way to cheaply try lots of different types of Japanese food is to visit a bento (Japanese lunch box) shop.  Avoid the expensive train station bento shops, and try these!  You will find the below in almost any area of Japan. 5. Tenya 天丼てんや Tenya offers a wide selection of cheap tempura (deep-fried fishContinue reading “Top 5 Places for a Cheap Bento”