Chichibu Hiking Autumn Colours Report

Chichibu (秩父) is a great place for hiking, about an hour or so west of Tokyo.  This week I went to see the Autumn colors on a mega 9 hour hike.  It was tiring, but the sights were amazing…..


 One of the nice things about the Japanese countryside is things like this.  A local has grown some fruit and puts them outside somewhere with a sign saying how much.  You take what you want and put the money in the box.  Very trusting!  Welcome to Japan!


The trees started to get more beautiful as I went up the mountain.


Good luck I chose this route!


Had trees like this lining the hiking route for a while.


While sometimes not in full bloom, it was a stunning hike.


Maple trees?  Not sure!


Looking down on Chichibu.


Lines of Autumn colour trees were all over the mountains in all directions.


Walking up to the main mountain, called Bukosan.


A nice, new shrine at the top.


The view of Chichibu from the summit.

Chichibu Travel Guide

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