Den Den Electric Town

Den Den Electric Town is Osaka’s answer to Akihabara.  Huge electronic shops selling anything you can imagine, maid cafes, game arcades and lots of other exciting 21st century attractions.

Budget travel tips

  • The game arcade machines are often only 100 yen, so probably much cheaper than you would pay at home. Enjoy!
  • Use the map below for the main area, but there are many cool streets of interest along the way.

How to get there

The nearest station is Ebisucho station (Osaka Subway) .  Take Exit 1-A or 1-B.

From Umeda station (Osaka), walk to Higashi-Umeda, take the Tanimachi line (Osaka Subway) to Osakatenmangu station, then the Sakaisuji line (Osaka Subway) to Ebisucho station  (17 mins, 230 yen).

From Nanba station (Osaka), just go out of the East exit of Nankai-Nanba station and walk to the east for a few minutes. Den Den Electric Town is on Nihombashi Street.


Hostels and Cheap Hotels

There are many hostels and cheap hotels just north of here, so check our Osaka Accommodation Guide.

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