Free, beautiful and colorful! Chinzanso Garden in Tokyo

Chinzanso Garden has to be the best garden for those that want to see cherry blossoms without spending any money. It’s near to Shinjuku, and is a very, very posh park open to average folks like me and you!


The walk along the river from Edogawabashi station is lined with cherry blossom trees.


It really is like this all the way.


The entrance to Chinzanso Garden


Lots of people were stopping at this tree, maybe it has some properties….


It’s not long before you hit some stunning cherry blossom trees.Chinzanso_Garden_5


The other areas are also stunning, so it’s worth coming here any time of the year.

Walking around the pond.


There is even a stylish pagoda to have a look at.

More info: Chinzanso Garden Travel Guide

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Published by Matthew Baxter

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