Iwakuni (岩国) is a castle town in southern Chugoku near Hiroshima, famous for it’s iconic Kintaikyo Bridge. It is known as one of Japan’s top 3 bridges with it’s special multiple arched design. The wooden bridge was built without the use of a single nail.

Budget travel tips

  • Iwakuni is a nice place to stop off on the way to/from Hiroshima and Kyushu if travelling by train, or as a side trip from there.
  • The White Snake Park, a rare snake species, is a 5 minute walk from the bridge.

How to get there

With the Japan Rail Pass

Take the Shinkansen to Shin-Iwakuni station (2 hours from Shin-Osaka). Take a frequently departing bus to Kintaikyo Bridge (15 mins, 300 yen).

Without a rail pass

From Hiroshima, take the JR Sanyo Line to Iwakuni station (50 mins, 760 yen). Take a frequently departing bus to Kintaikyo Bridge (20 mins, 300 yen).

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Published by Matthew Baxter

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