Izumo Taisha (出雲大社) is a grand shrine, considered one of Japans top 3. Located in northern Chugoku, it is an essential stop if you are in the region. It is therefore a hugely popular shrine, but never feels overly crowded.

The folklore behind the shrine says that the gods from all over Japan gather at Izumo Taisha once a year. Many Japanese visit the spot from all over the country to pray for good fortune when the meetings of the gods occur.

Budget travel tips

  • The shopping street up to the shrine and as you exit are full of free samples of candy, biscuit and more. Look out for the little sample boxes and enjoy!
  • The tourist restaurants are a bit pricey, but there are convenience stores with cheap bentos just off the main shopping streets or before at Izumo-shi station.


How to get there

Best is to get a clearly marked bus from Izumo-shi to Izumo-Taisha-Mae (20 mins, 500 yen). JR passes will cover the trip to Izumo-shi, including the JR San’in-Okayama Area Pass.

Ichibata Electric Railway has trains to the shrine (20 mins, 490 yen), but there are far less frequent (about 1 per hour).

Note that the Ichibata Electric Railway from Izumo-shi to Izumo-Taisha-Mae and buses are not covered by JR passes.

Hostels and cheap hotels

Izumo Royal Hotel

A decent hotel with a good location. Discounts often available, for example on weekdays.

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