Snowy Buddhist mountain town – Koyasan Day 1

Koyasan is a secluded town south of Osaka, full of temples for people to stay in and view. I went here last week and had one of my holidays in Japan. This UNESCO World Heritage site is so stunning in the winter.  Day 2 report can be found here.  Here are some highlights from my trip:


 Taking the cable car up the mountain.


 This is probably the kind of place that you would stay at in Koyasan, in temple lodgings.


The entrance to Okunoin Temple and graveyard.


Messages for the dead…..

It’s a decent walk through the graveyard to the temple at the end.

Making our way up from the main entrance.


The main entrance to Okunoin Temple.  Inside you can see monks praying and singing.

These golden lanterns were everywhere.  There were also golden ornaments inside and outside in the praying area.koyasan_Okunoin_4

One of the little buildings inside the temple complex.

So my first day in Koyasan was lots of fun, and the above is only a fraction of what you can see in the area.  More soon!

Check out our Koyasan guide for more information about the place.  Day 2 report can be found here

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7 thoughts on “Snowy Buddhist mountain town – Koyasan Day 1

  1. Koyasan looks so beautiful in the winter! I’ve only been in the fall, but I’m definitely going to visit sometime in the winter. Great photos!

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    From Robins Class @ Lingwood Primary School, Norfolk, UK

  3. Wow! I have been there in spring, but I would love to see Koyasan in winter! Sometimes I get asked if it can be visited in winter: it seems it can definitely be visited (but I guess there can be more snow than that!)

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