Sony Building


Want to try out the latest technology, from VR headsets to the latest games? The Sony Building in Ginza is a nice retreat from the noise of downtown Tokyo, and also offers tax-free shopping for a range of Sony goods.

Note that the Sony Building will be closed until 2022.


Cost: FREE

Open: 11 AM to 7 PM

How to get there

Get a train to Ginza subway station. Best to exit from Exit B9, right next to Sony Building.

From Shinjuku, take the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line to Ginza (15 mins, 200 yen).

From Tokyo station, you could also walk south down the Yamanote line, then walk here when you arrive near Ginza (approx. 30 mins). You will see some true authentic downtown locations along the way. Alternatively, take the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line to Ginza (2 mins, 170 yen).



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