Tempura is battered and deep fried seafood or vegetables. Introduced by the Portuguese in the 16th century, tempura has become a staple of the Japanese diet.

The most popular fish to use is shrimp, but many others are sometimes used depending on the area. This is also the same for vegetables, but the most common is Japanese radish. Tempura is sometimes served with a sauce called Tentsuyu, sometimes just lightly salted or with Udon or rice.

Price: 100-200 yen a piece, or from 500 yen (about $5) for a set with rice

Name in Japanese: tempura/天ぷら

Where can I buy it?

Bento shops are a good place to try, especially Tenya 天丼てんや, which sometimes has tables for eating in. There are also many Tempura restaurants around every town and large train stations.

Published by Matthew Baxter

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