Top 5 Cheap Restaurant Chains in Japan

Want some lovely Japanese food, but don’t want to spend loads of money?  Try these!

1. Matsuya

All sorts of cheap Japanese food.  Gyudon (meat on rice), steaks, Japanese style burgers……


2. Yoshinoya

The best place for a cheap Gyudon (meat on rice)img_970263_35073931_0

3. CoCo Ichiban Curry House

The king of curries in Japan!CoCo_ichibanya_CurryHouse

4. Sukiya

Similar to Yoshinoya, but often has interesting special dishes and menus.


5. Chikara Meshi

Lots of fatty items to keep your energy levels up! Gyudon, curry and stir-fry dishes.



Published by Matthew Baxter

Matthew Baxter is a British travel author who has lived in and visited Japan for over a decade. Having traveled across the country, without much money, he has built up an extensive knowledge of budget travel here, and has also worked for many leading tourism companies. He also writes professionally for several websites and publications, such as the GaijinPot, All About and the Japan National Tourist Association.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Cheap Restaurant Chains in Japan

  1. Nothing better then some epic B-Class gourmet. I’ve been mighty impressed by the affordable YET very much edible food here in Japan!

    1. I actually ate at a coco curry house in Hakata the first weekend I moved to Japan. They have english menu’s just FYI and their curry goes from level 1 to 10. If you want to eat anything hotter then a 5, you need to order a 5 and finish it all before they’ll let you order anything higher.

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