Top 5 Cherry Blossom Spots in Hokkaido

Coming to Tokyo or Kyoto a little bit too late for the cherry blossoms? Maybe coming to Hokkaido is your solution. The season starts here from around mid-April to the end of the month. There are a host of cheap and free places to check out the sakura trees, but here are our highlights!

Goryokaku (Hakodate)

This fort was based on western designs, so a sakura experience here is rather unique for most visitors. The over 1000 cherry blossom trees have made it the best sakura spot in Hokkaido.

sakura_cherry_MatsumaeMatsumae Castle

The only real, traditional Japanese castle in Hokkaido is a great place for cherry blossom viewing. Loads of different sakura trees.

Access: Take a bus from Kikonai station (95 mins, 1370 yen) south of Hakodate. A direct bus from Hakodate is 2150 yen (3 hours).

sakura_cherry_odori_parkOdori Park (Sapporo)

Sapporo’s famous park stretches across the city and is a good place to see cherry blossoms for free. Lots of stalls along the way provide cheap food and drinks as well.

sakura_cherry_Moerenuma_parkMoerenuma Park (Sapporo)

This fabulous art park creates a truly unique cherry blossom experience, with dense forests of sakura trees surrounded by striking, modern architecture and art.


Published by Matthew Baxter

Matthew Baxter is a British travel author who has lived in and visited Japan for over a decade. Having traveled across the country, without much money, he has built up an extensive knowledge of budget travel here, and has also worked for many leading tourism companies. He also writes professionally for several websites and publications, such as the GaijinPot, All About and the Japan National Tourist Association.