Top Guesthouses and Hostels in Tokyo


There are plenty of cheap guesthouses and hostels in Tokyo, including right in the center.  They are also a great places to meet people and pick up some traveling tips or recommendations.  Here are some of the best:

khaosan_hostel_tokyoKhaosan Hostels

This well-known guesthouse chain has a variety of cheap and clean guesthouses in central locations.  They all have their own unique atmosphere.

Price: Dorms from 2200 yen, private rooms from 3400 yen

Location: Asakusa


Backpackers_Hostel_KBackpackers Hostel K’s House Tokyo

Two good guesthouses with a great reputation and reasonable prices. Both right in the heart of Tokyo.

Price: Dorms from 2800 yen, private rooms from 3000 yen

Location: In/near Asakusa


youth_hostel_tokyoTokyo Central Youth Hostel

A clean, reasonably priced hostel (especially if you are a Hostelling International Member) right bang in the center of Tokyo. Great for groups of people.

Price: From 3,360 yen (discount may be available for Hostelling International Members)

Location: Above Iidabashi station (JR and Metro lines), 10 minutes from Shinjuku and 5 minutes from Akihabara


shrek_wattaShrek Watta House

A nice guesthouse a short train ride from Shinjuku, with western and Japanese style tatami mat rooms. Run by a nice old man, this place has a nice open kitchen with loads of free travel resources.

Price: Private rooms from 2150 yen (cheaper the longer you stay)

Location: 24 minutes from Shinjuku

Booking: Guesthouse Website

oak_hostel_tokyoOak Hostel

More of a cheap hotel, this place has both dorms rooms and very basic but cheap private hotel-like rooms.

Price: Dorms from 2500 yen, private rooms from  3750 yen per person

Location: Between Ueno and Asakusa


anne_hostel_asakusaAnne Hostel Asakusabashi

Free breakfast is provided at this nice hostel, which is a bit of the old and a bit of the new.

Price: Dorms from 2800 yen, private rooms from  3400 yen

Location: Near Ueno and Akihabara


tatami_houseTatami Guesthouse

A bit further away than most others, but we have stayed here and would highly recommend the place.  It’s very cheap, is in a quiet area and there are lots of people around to help you in your travels (one Japanese guy took us on a free tour of an animation museum!).  7 days or more stay only.

Price: Private rooms from  2100 yen (cheaper the longer you stay)

Location: 37 minutes from Shinjuku, 20 minutes from Ikebukuro

Booking: Guesthouse Website

juyoh_hotel_tokyoJuyoh Hotel

A little bit away from the action, but the prices are really cheap.

Price: Private rooms from  3000 yen

Location: Near Ueno


Published by Matthew Baxter

Matthew Baxter is a British travel author who has lived in and visited Japan for over a decade. Having traveled across the country, without much money, he has built up an extensive knowledge of budget travel here, and has also worked for many leading tourism companies. He also writes professionally for several websites and publications, such as the GaijinPot, All About and the Japan National Tourist Association.